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and this is the wonder that's keeping the stars apart

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Name:(i carry it in my heart)
Birthdate:Oct 20
Website:i'll keep the lights out, i'll tell you fairy tales

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&, , 11th division, 5927, 6996, 802759, \o/, aesthetics, air, alliteration, ambiguity, amen hallelujah peanut butter, androgyny, animal rights, animals, anime, astrology, autumn, ayasegawa yumichika, balance, balloons, beanie babies, bedsheets & lover's words, being a bookslut, bleach, books, bookshops, caffeine, caramelldansen, cats, clam intuition, coffee, conversation, cooking for four days, cryptozoology, cuddling, disciple of jesusjacques, doumeki/watanuki/himawari, england, enthusiasm, epic riceball conspiracies, eureka seven, fai d. flourite, feathers, fireflies, foreign music, fountains, fullmetal alchemist, gackt, giggling, glasses, glitter, glomping, god/tea = otp, good omens, gundam 00, hardcore armless ninjas, harry potter, hello kitty, hidden meat *flaps hands*, higurashi, holly lisle, horses, i am gundam, ink, inside jokes, jason mraz, jpop, jrock, kagrra, katekyo hitman reborn!, kobato., kunogi himawari, kurofai, l'arc~en~ciel, laughter, laying low, learning, lipgloss, london, long hair, loveless, magic-shows-as-if-i-were-to-die, manga, matchbox twenty, meowing, mizushiro setona, moon child, motorcycles, nail art, naming inanimate objects, neil gaiman, not looking at ugly things, notebooks, open-mindedness, over nine tousen, palmistry, pierrot, pineapples, plastic tree, poetry, poppies, pornographic superman jesus, project runway, ptsd hot dog flashbacks, purring, purses, ravenclaw, reloading jeans, research, ribbons, rob thomas, sanrio, satin, shiny objects, smiling is my favourite, starbucks, stephen king, stopping trains, stuffed animals, subtlety, tea, the dark tower, the demon ororon, tokyo babylon, tragic gay meisterlove, travel, tsubasa: reservoir chronicle, tunafish sandwich, urban fantasy, vegetarianism, vowels, we laundry, werewolves, windchimes, wings, wolf's rain, wolfstar, wordplay, words, writing, wtfe kubo is smoking, x/1999, xxxholic, ♀♀ ♀♂ ♂♂

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